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Black Jack


It’s time to beat that 20 with the most stunning blackjack a mix of metallic, glitter and matte shades.

This product consists of a shimmer and 21 Matte shades mentioned below :

Diamond, Club, Hearts, Spades, Face card, Queen, Ace, King, Solitaire, Royal Flush, Muflis, Bluff, Full House, High Card, King, 10 of hearts, Queen of hearts, Jack of Spades, Ace of hearts, King of Clubs, Rummy.

Price Including Gst (18%).

Pop The Champagne


Serein is prepared to create us 9 fantastic cocktails, so it’s time to POP THE CHAMPAGNE and get our glasses ready. Palette is packed with an array of nine highly pigmented shades and long lasting formal that blends with ease. You may experiment with colour and develop a variety of looks. You have the option to explore with colours and create different styles with
this stunning palette, which combines matte and shimmer colours.


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