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Vegan is a way of life. You choose not to use any animal product or derivative in your daily life. This protects the animals from all cruelty and exploitation. Vegan makeup and cosmetics is a revolution in this industry wherein no ingredient has been derived from animals or birds and no product has been tested on animals.

We are vegan meaning that none of our products, packaging, formulas or ingredients contain animal derivatives or animal-by-products. Our cosmetics are vegan-free, it means that they do not contain any ingredients or by-products that are derived from animals.

Social Responsibilities

Contributing to the Social responsibility refers to the ethical and moral obligations of a business or organization to consider the impact of its actions on society and the environment. This can include a range of issues, such as environmental sustainability, fair labor practices, and community engagement. By incorporating social responsibility into their operations and decision-making, businesses can contribute to the overall well-being of society and the planet, while also building a positive reputation and gaining the trust of consumers and other stakeholders.

communities where we live and work, with a special focus in areas where we see opportunities to make a difference including: health, girls’ education and wellbeing.

Animal Cruelty Free

The cosmetic products that I used were tested on animals. This did not fit well with us. We wanted my products to be safe and cruelty free. That is how Serein was conceptualized – to make vegan makeup and cosmetics. From the very inception I wanted to tackle issues one at a time because there’s a simple idea that We believe in, ‘If not now, then when?

Eco Design

Sustainability is at the heart of the Group’s strategy and reflects the vocation of Serein. we adopted an approach that focuses on eco-friendly design in everything we do. It means that we work continuously to reduce the environmental footprint of our products and to improve their social impact. Our teams are now working to make the environmental and social impacts of our products freely accessible, thanks an environmental and social labeling system that helps consumers and reflects recommendations in this area.

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