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Clean Makeup Products In 2022

This year we’ve become more conscious of what we’re putting in our bodies and ON our bodies. In the past, clean makeup may not have performed as well as large brands, but times have changed and so has clean makeup. Clean makeup is now pigmented, well-formulated, and worthy if not better competitor to other makeup.

Beware besties because big corporations can be sneaky, the terms “natural” or “organic” have no regulations on them and can be used purely as a marketing gimmick.

I know I feel tricked as well, but don’t fret because there are fool-proof ways to know what you’re putting on your face. Because of growing consumer knowledge brands are forced to change as retailers anticipate customer wants. Who knew in the quest to enhance your features you could be endangering your health! Ingredients like talc and even lead can be found in some makeup. So before purchasing please research! So next time before you buy a product, look for credible certification like cruelty-free, zero sulfates, no parabens, vegan, no synthetic fragrances.

Did I mention serein ticks all those boxes? Serein is a reliable and ethical brand. To add,serein  products are actually skincare infused so goodbye to breaking out because of makeup and hello to glowing skin.

This year we’re on a quest to only consume clean products!


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