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Serein : Sustainability Is The New Luxury

Welcome to the future of luxury industry, Serein brings to you a whole new market for sustainable, vegan and cruelty free products that are designed, made and modified according to consumer choice, lifestyle and preferences.

The calmness and peace of nature is combined together to form Serein which is a French translation of the word Serene .Serein is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle trying to shift peoples perception of luxury by focusing on untroubled nature by introduces Sustainable, Vegan and nature friendly products.Serein was incorporated on April 18, 2021 as a Subdivision of Mundhra International under Mundhra Logistics.Each category and product designed, curate and manufactured is inspired by elements of nature.

Serein logo has the circle rule applied to it because the circle donates a positive emotion of harmony and protection, It represent unity.The circle is made out as a flower that has no beginning or end. It represents the concept of Vegan Sustainable products.

More than one billion animals are Slaughter, burnt and blinded every year for production of luxury goods and cosmetics, We believe that Animals are not product and  life doesn’t have a price.We at SEREIN believe that beauty products made out of living Substances such as plants or their extracts are balanced by nature and contain the vibratory energy that constitutes life.

Serein has a strict policy against raw materials and products based on Animal By-Products.

We have launched our first collection under the cosmetic segment, each collection offered by the brand works on different concepts and elements offering a unique idea and product to the client.

Keeping ur tagline ‘Sustainability is the new luxury.’ in mind we aim on creating a luxurious platform by using sustainable and suitable means of production for the world we live in and provide at-most customer satisfaction.

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